Boakye I. Ababio

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Boakye I. Ababio

AI/ML Engineer || Snr SW Engineer

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I'm a passionate machine learning and software engineer with a strong foundation in Python, JavaScript (TypeScript), and C++ and I'm experienced in collaborating seamlessly across cross-functional teams. I am currently working on LLM models and AI applicationsFordham UniversityFordham University, where I help build, fine-tune and deployed machine learning models using Python, leveraging libraries like TensorFlow and scikit-learn HuggingFaceHugging Face machine learning community for AI models and datasets.GithubGithub Repo.

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BoboSync App Link ->

Project Brief:

BoboSync's goal is to create a live virtual traveling experience as close as it can get to a personal physical traveling experience. .

Project Info

  • Date - 2021
  • client - BoboSync Inc
  • Tools - Reactjs, React-Native, NodeJs, AWS, GraphQl
  • Mobile/Web - App || Web